I wanted to try something different today. I decided to write a post in English. I often wondered if writing in the language of Shakespeare would come easy for me or not. So please forgive me in advance if the format, spelling or anything else doesn’t work as it should, I am not aiming to be perfect, I am putting myself out there by trying something new and challenging!

This blog is a project of mine where I share my thoughts on trying to find a better balance between motherhood and my life as a woman. Being a stay at home Mom for the past 10 years, I can say that it is easy to forget ourselves when we are so busy raising children. I started to write a book about my journey in the past few years and this blog is my way of sharing some of my thoughts but also a motivation to finish the book.

There is no better way for me than connecting through bloggers like myself and followers. I LOVE to write but what I LOVE most is to share. I believe I am a better person and definitely a better Mother when I blog. There is something bigger than ourselves at work when we realize how being a mother is universal. We all face the same challenges, maybe in different ways but in the end all that matters is doing the best we can to raise great kids.

Finding balance is hard and sometimes, it is not the right moment to try. But when the time is right, every person has a responsibility to live the best life they can. I believe it is a gift to have the opportunity to always be the best person we can be, like Oprah and Maya Angelou would say « when you know better you do better ».

I say do better one day at a time. I also often say that the smallest action is better than the biggest intention, that is what blogging is to me. Sharing one idea at a time makes me a Happy Blogger and Mother.

Today’s lesson; trying something new is part of any journey.

Happy Journey 😉William-Adolphe_Bouguereau_(1825-1905)_-_Charity_(1878)