Since I really enjoyed my first experience writing in English, I have decided to do it again! It is wonderful to try something new and want to repeat it. Not every first try is successful nor good for our self-esteem so I am taking advantage of this nice feeling…

I am not ashamed to say that I love Disney Princesses. I have a daughter and was never worried that she would be getting the wrong message if she was exposed to such feminine influences. Who we become is not influenced on fictional work but on all the real hard work, it takes every day, from real people in our lives (this is what I think).

Other than hoping to meet Prince Charming, whom I have met and married, I have one personal characteristic influenced by my favorite; Cinderella. I always have the feeling that I must finish my workload before I can enjoy myself. I always feel guilty to take time for myself which is why I also become the mean Stepmother and give myself an impossible «to do» list.

Since finishing anything as a mother, is already impossible, I don’t know why I must make it even more unachievable. Don’t worry, I do enjoy myself but I just wish I could do it without the guilt. I am getting a bit better but I still always feel I need to make up for the time taken.

I know it is about balance. Since being a stay-at-home Mom is a 24/7 responsibility, I think we must take after our Princesses and go to the ball and enjoy ourselves. It will make us better mothers to value our hard work and have a little fun.

Today’s lesson; be kind to the Mother in you and let her have a little fun.

Enjoy the journey 😉